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Gaush Profile

Gaush Meditech ltd is a company committed to advancing patients'eye health. With more than 20 years of development, Gaush provides customers with integrated product and service offering business covering R&D, manufacturing, sales, training, and technical services of ophthalmic devices.Gaush was successfully listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on December 12, 2022.

Product Portfolio
With continuous expansion, Gaush has achieved a rich product portfolio that covers all 4 major dimensions of ophthalmic devices (diagnosis, treatment, instruments, consumables). With more than 120 types of products, Gaush aims at addressing the various needs of ophthalmologists and patients in 7 sub-specialties of eye health (Retinal Disease, Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery, Optometry, Ocular Surface / Corneal Disease, and Pediatric Ophthalmology). 

International Brand Partnerships
Professionalism, integrity, and accountability form the basis of the long-term cooperation between Gaush and international brand partners. Sixteen globally influential ophthalmic players from Germany, US etc. have established exclusive partnerships with Gaush for China market. Gaush is capable to perform a role of connecting China’s ophthalmic industry with global standard, and introducing more high-quality choices of care to domestic patients.

Distribution Network

Gaush has created its strong network of sales distribution after years of growth. We sell our products to over 4000 end customers in China, including 1000+ Class III hospitals.

Value-Added Services
Driven by the core value “Value Creation for Customers”, Gaush has been uncompromisingly providing value-added services from multiple aspects for customers, which in turn build positive reputation for the company. Several sub-brands of Gaush together create the system that ranges from sales of products, installation, technical service, to clinical support and academic education.
- Gaush Service: A team of around 120 engineers with on average 10+ years of experience strategically stationed in over 30+ provinces across China. Capable of providing more than 12,000 technical services per year with fast response, reliable quality, and satisfactory experiences.
- Gaush Online(G-Webinar): The first online professional ophthalmology education platform primarily designed for ophthalmologists and optometrists. More than 50,000 users were following the official accounts of Gaush Online platform on WeChat.

A Provider of a Broad Spectrum of Ophthalmic Medical Device 

With over 20 years of track record, we distribute a broad spectrum of ophthalmic medical equipment and consumables, and also provide our end customers with related technical services. On one hand, brand partners not only experience efficient product registration under Gaush’s support, but also are able to receive accurate feedbacks from Gaush based on doctors’ experiences to further innovation. On the other hand, Gaush can help analyze the potential needs of each customer before designing an economic, customized, and integrated solution of products & services, which may lower customer overall costs and facilitate customer in providing more comprehensive and patient-centered vision care services.

Research and Development 
To maintain a long-term competitiveness in research and development, Gaush has developed a number of subsidiaries with distinct strengths on different branches of the ophthalmic device industry. The company owns 2 R&D centers abroad (in the Netherlands and Germany) focusing on premium IOL and electrophysiological systems respectively, also 5 domestic centers that develop and manufacture ophthalmic diagnosis equipment, surgical instrument, ophthalmic consumables and implants, etc. By enhancing technological competency, enriching product mix, improving patients’ visions and quality of lives, Gaush has been striding forward to become a leading ophthalmic total solution provider with global impact.